Quality Policy

A 'QUALITY' is not just a word but a target that is met around the year. A sophisticated laboratory equipped with modern testing apparatus, including mini mill, is maintained and staffed by a team of seasoned paddy-selectors and analyzers.

Right from procurement to final delivery of rice INDUS RICE MILLS takes effective quality control measures to attain and maintain desired characteristics in the product. Testing is regularly performed from raw rice to finished rice in order to ensure that product delivered to customer conforms to given specifications.

We seek satisfaction for our customers by making our products and services worthy of them through our commitment, teamwork and an efficient ever-improving quality management system.

Company is committed and endeavoring to do environment-friendly and pollution-curtailing rice processing business while continually improving its Green Practices and complying by all applicable national and other standards. Company is focused to consistently interact with and address the concerns of all interested parties.